The Taste of Reschio

The freshest seasonal produce plucked from our wild meadows, our kitchen garden, our farm and our neighbours. Immediately the ingredients arrive, chefs create exquisite dishes, exploding with flavour


Nurturing Flavours in the Kitchen Garden

It was Reschio’s lockdown project - chef, gardeners and the family all came together and dug deep to move the new kitchen garden to immediately below Ristorante Alle Scuderie. Compost was dug in, even the horses and chickens did their bit to enrich the soil. It is an Orto to be especially proud of with an amazing array of vegetables, herbs and fruit. Our own seeds are harvested and planted for the following season


Foraging for the Larder

The Reschio meadows and woods are very generous; we have a formidable larder beneath our feet. We have mapped the Reschio Estate, over many years, keeping precise notes as to where the ingredients grow, always careful not to over harvest any one particular area. From wild asparagus, salad leaves and flowers, caper buds, herbs, nuts, fruits, mushrooms, roots and even lichen, everything comes back to the kitchen for chef to create incredible flavoursome dishes


From Field to Fork

Reschio has realised its ambition to complete a circle from field to fork, growing ingredients on our own land that chef transforms into tasty dishes. These include flour, chickpeas, linseed, olive oil, honey, free range eggs and naturally our own wine. Every year we look at ways that we can extend that menu, always mindful of enriching the earth, letting it rest and researching heritage crops for a more balanced diet

From the foragers to the kitchen

The heart of the kitchen

At last, the foragers, the gardeners and local suppliers bring their produce to the kitchen loggia; chefs check the quality and immediately they start to taste with their eyes: visualising flavours, combining ingredients and planning the day’s menus

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Savour the exquisite flavours from the Reschio Estate at Ristorante Alle Scuderie

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